Unloading gorgeous and full of masculinity

Gorgeous and masculine, these two temperament not only can not be both fish and bear’s paw, even as water and fire can not be compatible and integrated. In the gorgeous days of Roger Federer’s all the way, people were amazed with his elegance and calm, but could not help but secretly doubt his masculinity – in fact, just because he made everything seem so relaxed, he Almost never had the opportunity to challenge and prove themselves in the face of difficulties.

       Now, the opportunity is coming. In the past year, Federer was so embarrassed that he had been riddled with gorgeous coats, most of which were young afterlife such as Nadal, Murray and Djokovic. They are given. Some even analyzed that Federer’s fall was so fast because he refused to take off his once gorgeous but already bleak coat. He refused to let go of his best player’s body and his arrogant heart, and refused to let himself Faced with hard work, refused to “ugly win.”

       At the peak of Federer, more attention was paid to the enjoyment of the process; and after being frustrated again and again, he finally gradually grasped the “first result” principle – and, in the process, showed his masculinity. After phasing out the second round of rival Acassoso with a score of 3-1 including two wins, Federer said: “My willpower has always been strong, and today is just another proof.” In the third round, he reversed the local player Ma Xiu in the first loss of the game. The talented opponents and the adverse conditions of the wind, the sun and the shadow of the stadium on the day of the game failed to stop him from winning.

roger federal

       After not easily winning these two victories, I did not expect that the fourth round would push Federer into a bigger danger, and he also left a more beautiful reversal here – now the world is second to 6 After losing more than 7 and 5 to 7 before the world’s second Haas, they finally won three sets with 6 to 4, 6 to 0 and 6 to 2. As the only non-seed player in this competition is also the oldest player in this game, Haas has led 4-3 in the third set and Federer is only 5 points away from the victory when he is 30-40 behind in the serve. Federer made a second shot. Haas returned a small but not too oblique pick-up. Federer’s forehand and a signature backslash will be pressed into the sideline. The distance is the distance from Haas to victory. “He is still Roger Federer after all,” the 31-year-old German veteran whispered after the game.

       Federer also thought that the direct score of the forehand was a turning point in the game. “That saved my life. It felt great because I was in great danger at the time.” Federer was also at the same time. Admittedly, he struggled in the first two and a half games, but he managed to maintain the situation by playing a good serve. However, after the middle of the third session, his hand feels better and better. By the fifth set, he has already Play the best state on the clay court.

       So, to what extent did the first two half games of the mismatch have a relationship with Djokovic and Nadal last weekend? On the one hand, Federer said that he had “experienced all the situations, so this would not have much impact on him,” but he also analyzed: “Of course you will still realize the current situation, but in the end, you must work hard. Stay in the draw, and it only depends on your shot and how to face the opponent.” The experienced Haas analyzes: “Djokovic is out, Nadal is out, Luo Jay knows that this is a good chance for him to win the championship, but perhaps because of this, he puts more pressure on himself.”

       Yes, I have to challenge Djokovic and Nadal in the semi-finals and finals without being optimistic before the game, or suddenly they are regarded as the biggest favourites in the case of the two players. Between the two, it is clear that the latter will put more psychological pressure on Federer. Moreover, for Federer, who will celebrate his 28th birthday in more than two months, this is the best chance for his French Open to win, and it may be his last chance. Whether it was against Haas’s game or after the game, Federer showed his calmness and calmness; however, he used this five-disc reversal to show his desire and determination for the French Open.

       This is already Federer’s five-page reversal in the second consecutive Grand Slam tournament. The Australian Open at the beginning of the year was also in the fourth round. Federer successfully turned the Czech Berdych. Of course, he eventually lost to Nadal in the final in Melbourne; this time, if he can reach the final, he no longer has to face the same opponent. At the press conference after defeating Haas, the first question for journalists was that we finally didn’t have to ask how you should defeat Nadal. Federer smiled and said: “He has not retired, isn’t he? He will definitely return, I am sure of this.”

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