Star Whistle Follow Up Complete Explained

NBA’s star whistle is also a sub-person, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James was once the darling of the referee, LeBron James even has a David Stern son name.

Now, NBA’s dry son is obviously the Thunder double, the Thunder double, also known as Thunder double whistle, Durant, also known as Xiao Lante, and Du Taizi, Westbrook, also known as the Prince.

In today’s league, in addition to the Thunder double, there is the Rockets’ James Harden, who is also the star player with the most star whistle. James Harden, also known as Body Mao Deng, touches the porcelain, is best at making fouls.

In terms of veteran players, LeBron James lost a lot of star whistle because of the decision to reduce the number of star whistle. Carmelo Anthony also lost most of the star whistle because of the Madison fight during the Nuggets and forced transfer to the Knicks.


Kobe Bryant is old, so today’s league is basically the world of Thunder.

Although Anxi grew rapidly, but in the case of the star whistle, he is still less than the thunder and the third, even worse than James, but there is a rumor that because of Anxi’s performance in the All-Star Game, Adam Xiao Hua intends to use Anxi as a new generation of nba leaders to train, and it is very likely that there will be many star whistle in the future.

But at least this game, Anxi is still difficult to get this treatment.


After Anxi left the game, Brett Brown replaced James Anderson, but obviously, James Anderson could not be like a Anxi, one person squatting forward.

So in the last few minutes of the third quarter, the Thunder played a wave of 14:4 offensive high-tide, opened a gap of 10 points.

Then in the fourth quarter, Brett Brown resisted the impulse and continued to press Anxi on the bench. Then, the Thunder made the main force, and it was two consecutive waves of 7:2 and 9:2 attacking. The score was pulled to 22 points, during which Brett Brown called a timeout and replaced Anxi, but it did not help.

After Anxi appeared, instead of looking for a state of reason, he voted for a 4 in 1 and gave the Thunder an opportunity to expand his lead.

At the end of the last 7 minutes in the fourth quarter, the difference came to 22 points.

Then, considering the next tough road trip, Brett Brown replaced Anxi with the team’s hopeless victory.

In the whole game, Anxi got 38 points, 14 points in the first quarter, 12 points in the second quarter, and played the majority in the third quarter. He scored 10 points. In the last section, he made 1 of 4 shots and only got 2 points. When the overall situation has been fixed, think carefully. If there are no incompetent three fouls in the third quarter, the 76ers will not have such a defeat in this game.

The last two quarters of this game also gave people more understanding of Pau Gasol. As a second-born, Paul Gasol is a good thigh, and as a big master, Paul Gasol is still Very unqualified.

He was not able to stand up when Anxi was not present.

The game ended prematurely. Considering the next road trip, Brett Brown replaced the main lineup in advance and gave up the game.

In the end, at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, the 76ers lost the game.

115:92, 23 points is not too small, the 76ers ushered in a fiasco, but Ke Fan and Su Qun believe that this fiasco, the referee’s factors accounted for the majority, because the referee, the state of Anxi was forced to leave In the field, the 76ers will be taken away by the continuous attack wave of the Thunder.

Su Qun also believes that this game clearly proves that even if Pau Gasol comes, the most important player in the 76ers is still Anxi. To a certain extent, the 76ers have already suffered from Anxi dependency.

Losing the game, Anxi was not in a good mood. He returned to the locker room alone and then declined all interviews.

It was Brett Brown who said a lot at the press conference after the game.

“Brett coach, this game is your 23rd loss this season, the playoffs are close at hand, but because of the introduction of new aid, the team always loses, you think you are unstable. How long will the status last?”

“First of all, I don’t think our state is still in an unstable state. Although we lost, we had a tie with the Thunder before Anxi was forced to leave. The Thunder are very strong. They are the first in the West. It is normal for the team to lose to them, so this defeat does not mean that our state is unstable.”

Brett Brown directly denied the 76ers’ current state of instability.

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