Premier League Preview Manchester City home game black horse, London Derby attack

From January 12th to 14th, the 2018-19 Premier League will usher in the 22nd round. The two relegation battles and strong dialogue will be the main theme of this round. Burnley VS Fulham in the relegation zone, Cardiff City VS Huddersfield are all worth 6 points. The London Derby between West Ham and Arsenal will also be extremely intense. Manchester United, who has achieved a five-game winning streak, will challenge Tottenham in the away game. Soo Shuai will usher in the first enemy after taking office. Manchester City will be in the main scene against the Wolves. The specific schedule of this round is as follows.

West Ham United vs. Arsenal

The recent state of both teams has a certain ups and downs. West Ham United has won the game before the Christmas season. Arsenal seems to be able to score points from the relegation team in the near future. Their defenders are still in the middle. Can’t be reassured. The guest scene will have a lot of pressure on West Ham’s offensive line led by Felipe Anderson, and West Ham at home will get at least one point.

Brighton VS Liverpool

In order to compete in the league, Liverpool played in the full complement of the third round of the FA Cup, which led them to be eliminated by the Wolves. This round away to challenge Brighton, after 10 days of rest, Liverpool’s main lineup will go all out. Brighton’s recent record is terrible. In the face of the Red Army, they have a hard time getting points.

Burnley VS Fulham

Ranieri finally made Fulham’s defense improve after taking office for a period of time. The 1-4 loss to Arsenal in the last round of the game caused their morale to be hit. In the 11 away games that have ended this season, Fulham never won, and they are still difficult to win by Bernly. They won West Ham and Harmony for Burns to temporarily escape the relegation zone. They will take temporary safety when they win Fulham.

Cardiff City VS Huddersfield

This is another relegation battle worth 6 points. Huddersfield, who has won eight straight games in the league, has now stabilized the position of the Premier League squad leader. It seems that coaching is their correct. select. Cardiff City wants to rely on the home record to score points, this round facing the bottom of the score of the town, how they will allow 3 points to slip away from their hands.

Crystal Palace VS Waterford

The Crystal Palace has been chilling recently. It has won the Wolves and Chelsea on the road. They have been separated from the relegation zone by 22 points. Watford ushered in a short rebound at the beginning of the Christmas season. But the intensive schedules have caused some problems for their physical fitness. Both teams rely on rushing and running to eat, the Crystal Palace at home will have certain advantages, and the draw is a result acceptable to both sides.

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