Leicester City VS Southampton Premier League Preview

Leicester City VS Southampton

Leicester City, which has a number of England international players, is currently second only to BIG6 in the standings. Their lineup is balanced and the home game against Southampton in the relegation zone is very promising. Take all three points. The visiting team Southampton ushered in a brief recovery after Hassan Xutel took office, but they only scored one point in the last three rounds and they seem to have embarked on a difficult relegation path.

Chelsea VS Newcastle

Although the Blues are still able to rank in the top four of the standings, but they have only three points left for Arsenal’s lead, the team still has an overwhelming possession advantage in the game, but the center position Lack of difficulty makes them difficult to score. Surrey also tried Azar as a single-arrow formation in the game, and the results were not good in a few games. This game is facing Newcastle, one of the best defensive teams in the lower half. If the striker continues to struggle, the visiting team is expected to take one point.

Everton VS Bournemouth

The two teams in the middle of the game have a terrible record in recent history. Everton won only three games in 10 rounds. Bournemouth has only two victories in the last 10 rounds. The round competition ushered in a direct confrontation. Compared to Bournemouth, which has not been defended in the backcourt, Everton at home seems to be more like winning.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

Manchester United coach Solskjaer took the Cardiff City, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Newcastle four midstream and downstream teams in the Premier League. This round of away away from the challenge, Tottenham will be the first strong enemy that Soul Shuai has faced since taking office. Now Manchester United’s morale is booming, the front and back staff are neat, and the offensive line headed by Bogba is all recovered under the hands of Suo Shuai. . In the first round of the season, Spurs had a 3-0 victory over Manchester United in the away game. The Red Devils in this round ushered in a chance to revenge on the road. In the League Cup game in the middle of the week, Tottenham and Chelsea fought 90 minutes, physical fitness will be worse than Manchester United, Sohuai is expected to continue to lead the team to play the song.

Manchester City vs. Wolves

From the ranking point of view, there is a wide gap between the two teams. In the first leg of the game, the Wolves tied Manchester City at home 1-1, ending their opponent’s winning streak. This round away from the Etihad Stadium, they are still a rival that Manchester City can not ignore. So far this season, the Wolves have played against the Premier League BIG6 team six times and lost only two games. The ability to explode is evident, and the guest scene is against Manchester City, which has recently won a big victory. Their defense will bring a lot of trouble to Guardiola’s team. If the defensive intensity is high enough and the counterattack is sharp enough, it is not impossible for the Wolves to take away one point from the away game.

In the two relegation battles of this round, Fulham and Hazhen could not afford to lose. Once they lose, they will not be able to escape from the relegation zone in a short time, especially in the town of Ha, and if they lose, they will be running double-digit in the losing streak. The top spot Liverpool VS Brighton is compared to Manchester City VS. The Wolves will also be easy. The third Tottenham will not be able to say that Manchester United is not good. For the Red Army, this round may be an opportunity to continue to expand its lead.

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