If Abu invests in Arsenal, the Premier League really has to turn over the sky

Before Abu bought Chelsea, he had intentionally bought Arsenal, but Swiss bank personnel analyzed that Arsenal was not for sale at the time, so Abu finally could only retreat to the next and spent 140 million pounds to buy the Blue Army. Changed the pattern of the Premier League. After Abu entered Chelsea, the Blues won a total of four Premier League titles, five FA Cup championships and one Champions League.

The former Arsenal vice president David Dion has recently rumored that the gunmen were open to the acquisition of Abu at the time. Imagine if Abu succeeded in buying Arsenal, then the Gunners’ 14th top league title and the long-awaited Champions League champion may not have to wait that long.

Wenger can’t stay for 22 years

We all know that when Abu needs to change, the Russians will not hesitate to hesitate. Just like he changed his wife, he did not have any soft hands when he changed to Chelsea. In his 16 years in the Blues, Chelsea switched to 15 coaches. As long as there is a slight fluctuation in the score, Abu will take the head coach.

As a first-generation coach, Ranieri helped Chelsea get the second place in the league. This is also the best record of the Blues in the past 49 years, and also reached the Champions League semi-finals, but Abu still mercilessly swept him out. Ancelotti not only won the Premier League title, but also created 103 goals scores, and also did not escape the fate of the ruling.

Although Abu entered the season, Arsenal eventually won the Premier League title. But in the following season, the Gunners lost 12 points less than the first Chelsea, and the Arsenal also stopped in the 16th in the Champions League. Although Wenger won the FA Cup that season, for the strict Abu, this is the case. The results are not enough. If nothing else, Wenger will have a class after the 2004-2005 season.

Mourinho will not go to Chelsea

If Abu does not acquire Chelsea, then Chelsea’s boss will also be Ken Bates, who bought the club for £1 in 1982. Mourinho was a toon in the transfer market in 2003, because he had just helped Bordeaux win the Champions League and the European Union.

At the time, Chelsea’s top executives decided not to spend Mt. 42 million on the annual salary to invite Mourinho, because Chelsea did not have the funds to replace the training base facilities. For the Blues, even if they want to change Ranieri, Gully and Zola are more realistic goals.

Without Abu’s financial support, the Blue Army’s appeal to top European coaches is almost zero. For Chelsea, they will miss the greatest head coach in the history of the team.

Pass Arsenal disappeared

In the 15 years after the unbeaten victory, Arsenal has a new stadium that can accommodate 60,000 people. This is an amazing achievement, but at the same time, the Gunners had to sell the best players in the team to survive the winter. Wenger also missed many stars due to funding problems. And if Abu is in charge of Arsenal, then everything will be different.

In the summer of 2004, the gunmen will not be so tight in the transfer market. In the summer transfer that year, the Arsenal bought Edu for only £1.5 million. And Chelsea spent an amazing £90 million to bring Robben, Cech, Carvalho and Drogba to Stamford Bridge.

In the following days, Arsenal’s situation was the loss of Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, etc., while Chelsea bought Barack, Torres, Azar and so on. If Arsenal retains the undefeated season lineup, plus the world’s most lavish signings, then the “passing Arsenal” will become a reality, Arsenal will become the super team in Europe.

Morgan may become a personal

The famous British host Pires Morgan is a hardcore Arsenal fan, but since the past 15 years, Arsenal’s achievements and the fear of the transfer market have not been satisfactory, the so-called love is deeply responsible. In recent years, Morgan has become a pioneer in sniper gunners.

But if Abu bought Arsenal, he would ask the best coach in the world to spend money on the transfer market. More importantly, Arsenal’s achievements in the past 15 years will be better than now, then Morgan will still be the one who hates revenge and wants to ask Trump to coach Arsenal.


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