Five-family Fantasy Novels is not enough to see ten times

Dear friends, everyone, some old bookworms love fantasy novels, especially the oriental fantasy novels. Xiaobian is a veteran novel fan. I think these works are pretty good. Don’t miss out on the book’s little friends. Today, Xiaobian gives you five fantastic fantasy novels. The second one is not enough for ten times. Infinite random system.

V of the “rebirth of the shuttle Wan world” Author: Ice snow

Wonderful content: Yang Guo should have a voice, turned over and smiled. “I just want to see the beauty of Peach Blossom Island. Staying here is really boring.” Yang Xuan really smiled and thought, ‘Yang Guo is a Little child. Miss Guo Da secretly gave Dawu, Xiaowu made a gesture to reveal a playful smile. Ha ha! “Yang Xuan really laughed in the dark, ‘This little girl is uneasy!’ However, Yang Xuan really didn’t care. Several children were playing, and in any case, they couldn’t hurt their lives. After the group left Peach Blossom House, Miss Guo Da led the way, she The chin was slightly raised, and the shelf of Missy was placed. She said with a little arrogance, “Yang Guo, Yang Xuanzhen, Peach Blossom Island is beautiful?” “”Not bad! “Yang has arbitrarily attached two sentences, and an unnamed grass on his mouth, it seems cynical. Yang Xuan really looked into a piece of peach blossom forest, sincerely admired, “It is really beautiful here.” Immediately, he asked, “Is the peach blossoms here blooming all four seasons?” “”of course! Miss Guo is very proud. “Peach Blossom Island is like spring. She said that she raised her hand and pointed at a nearby peach blossom and said, “Look at this piece, it is spring blossoming.” Then, she pointed to a distant peach blossom and said, “The one piece is blooming in summer.

This fourth “I WuHun is Pangu” Author: liangyuan month

Wonderful content: Under the eyes and ears of Bai Qi, I naturally know that the first realm of spiritual practice is the spiritual dilemma. However, it is only the name of the spiritual environment, that is to say, only knowing it, not knowing why. Shirakawa smiled and said: “Son, you are now awakening the seven martial arts souls, so it is very easy to change the martial arts. The ordinary heaven and earth spirits can make the martial arts change, and then you can enter the body.” “The so-called Wuhun Incorporating into the body means that your martial arts will change for the first time. The martial arts will descend from your eyebrows to your Dantian gas sea. In that case, the Wuhun can communicate with the Wushen mainland operation rules, and a channel can be established. That is to let your Dantian gas sea, connected with the Wuyuan mainland source sea, and then, your Dantian gas sea, you can absorb the aura of the Wuyuan mainland source sea. Dantian gas sea, is the first opened by the Wuhun Lingbi. Of course, it is also the main spirit.” “Once your Dantian gas sea has become a coffin, it is equivalent to your Dantian gas sea can be connected with the Wuyuan mainland.” So, the first realm The situation, also known as ‘Lingqiaojing’. In this case, Lingqiao builds, and the spirits open up, it has entered the ‘spiritual environment’. Similarly, it has been promoted to the position of the martial arts by the samurai.

This third “armed storm” Author: Skeleton wizard

Wonderful content: dawn, the virtual state is lifted, Wang Dong also woke up, looked at the space crystal, strange this guy did not have a morning noise, probably played yesterday is very cool, this is also good. Wang moved a little, and he was refreshed. It was too difficult to fall asleep in a state of cultivation. However, it seems that Wu Shen was forced to slowly move himself when he learned that his blade was unconscious. In doing so, it is rare that this fake teacher insisted that Wang Wang could not turn him, but he could only try it. It is really unpleasant to not sleep like this now. Human beings are creatures that are good at habits. Once it is difficult to form a habit, it is not difficult. Wang Wang, who was just about to leave, suddenly saw a pair of bloody red eyes in front of his eyes, staring straight at Wang Dong. “Scared me, don’t you know that people are scared to death?” “Kid, let’s talk about how to discuss “It looks like Wushu said with incomparably serious eyes and tone.” “Cough, what is the matter? I am really not used to being so serious.” Wang moved leisurely on the sofa. When the uncle was serious, it was not a matter of fact. “Wang moving classmates, do you know what you are most lacking now?” Looks like Wu Shen asked.

This second “infinite random system” Author: eat three jelly beans

Wonderful content: “Hey, congratulations to the host to take a step forward and reward the experience value.” “Hey, congratulations to the host base boxing method to upgrade one level, the current level of 70, has reached the highest level, the master of the situation.” Sure enough it is a Master. In the half way, the basic boxing level reached the full level, but there was no special attribute like cooking. Li Tian does not care. There is one that can increase the food attributes. People should not be so greedy. “Hey, the step by step startling system is completed, it has been successfully uninstalled, and the number of random systems is liberated once. Currently there are two remaining. Will the host be random?” The prompt that follows, let Li Tian determine that when a system will bind Once the option is raised to the highest level, it will be automatically uninstalled. This is not bad, otherwise it is really uninstalled with points, one hundred points once, it is just forced to force me.

First of the “eternal supreme” Author: Tai Yi Sheng Shui

Wonderful content: But let them disappoint, the momentum has been scattered for a long time, and Li Yunxiao’s figure has not been seen, but the people of these mysterious gangs are full of sweat and some are not. “That kid, don’t you come?” “It’s normal to not come. It’s better to lose face than to lose your life!” Everyone was talking for a moment, and they all cursed Li Yunqi, and they had to be played.

Lan Xuan is also a bit blue, sitting on the martial arts field, listening to everyone’s arguments, simply close your eyes and so on. “Han fat man, do you say that Li Yunqi will come?” Qin Ruxue is also very embarrassed, that is, he hopes that he will come, and hope he will not come.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen anyone in these days, willn’t I run away?” Han Bo suddenly thought of this possibility, and some stunned. Chen Zhen also stayed for a moment, and then the head rattled like a rattle. “It is impossible! If this is the case, then he is not worthy of being a Li family. It is not worthy of us to follow. Men can succumb to death, can not bear to humiliate !”

Well, today I recommend 5 fantasy novels to say it here. If you have seen these few novels, you are welcome to spit.

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