Top 10 Fans of World Football Club’s | Barcelona 2nd | Liverpool 9th

Football is the world’s largest sport, and the foundation of fans is naturally the strongest. In particular, those who have a long history, have top players, and have a good team, are fans. Recently, foreign media gave the top 10 in the world football giants club rankings, Real Madrid ranked first, and Manchester United, which is popular among Chinese fans, ranked third. Let’s take a look at the specific rankings.

10. Paris Saint-Germain

The number of fans in Paris is 6,675,031, ranking 10th in the world of football, and Paris can be among the top 10, undoubtedly due to the crazy signings in the transfer market in recent years, a large number of extremely strong in the year of the fight The players have joined, and reached the climax in the last two years. In the summer of 2017, they signed the Brazilian superstar Neymar in the form of a payment of 220 million euros of liquidated damages. Then the first new star of the football, Mbape, joined the world’s second highest price. Once again, it has attracted the attention of the world’s fans.

9. Liverpool

The Premier League is undoubtedly the league with the most audiences in Europe’s five major leagues. Liverpool naturally has a strong base of fans. The number of fans is 67,713,716, ranking 9th. There has never been a lack of big-name players in Liverpool’s history. Although there are always superstars in the years to leave the team, they can always find a replacement. Today, Liverpool is a star-studded player with strong strength. The striker Trident Salah, Mane, and Fermino won the European football team last season, and after strengthening the defense, Liverpool is now more powerful than ever.

8. Juventus

Juventus fans 69481268, ranked 8th. As a veteran of the world’s football, Juventus has always been loved by fans, but after the introduction of Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, this Juventus attraction has reached a new height.

7. Manchester City

Like Paris, after the arrival of big capital, Manchester City’s strength has rapidly increased, and it has become the top presence of the Premier League. Manchester City’s fans are 72,330,250 people, ranking 7th in the world.

6. Arsenal

Although there have been few champions in recent years, Arsenal still has a large number of fans. After all, the gunners have had a glorious period in history. Today, the longest unbeaten record in the Premier League is still maintained by the gunmen. Fans 76,210,718 are ranked number 6.


The Bundesliga class Bayern has undoubtedly a very strong fan base in the world of football. The number of fans is 792,1988. The number of fans is ranked 5th. Although Bayern does not have the big-handed signings like other giants, it is a pragmatic and effective way of doing things. Long-term competitiveness.

4. Chelsea

Chelsea’s real rise in the Premier League is undoubtedly after Abu entered the main, Abra opened the prelude of the Golden Dollar football, and also let Chelsea quickly rank among the top ranks of the Premier League, the number of fans 90100111 ranked fourth.

3. Manchester United

Recently, there are data showing that Manchester United is the most valuable club in the world football, but the number of fans is not the most, the number of fans is 137,054,693 people ranked third in football, but it is worth noting that Manchester United fans in China are the top 3 The most famous.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona has maintained the most competitive competitiveness in the world football for the past 10 years, and each season is a strong contender for the Champions League. Although Neymar’s departure will have some impact on Barcelona, ​​as long as Messi is still there, Barcelona is still receiving wide attention from fans. The number of fans is 24,0008,793, ranking second in the world.

1. Real Madrid

C Ronaldo’s departure will undoubtedly have an impact on Real Madrid’s attention, but Real Madrid’s influence in the world of football is still extensive and far-reaching. In the past 10 years, C Ronaldo led Real Madrid’s transcript in the Champions League is the most gorgeous. The five-year, four-year crown, the first three consecutive championships after the restructuring, attracted countless fans, the number of fans was 242,984,560, ranked first, but in the top three, Real Madrid has the fewest number of fans in China.