British Premier is expected to be a whole year of Nabi Keita is not as good as Fabiano

The greater the expectations of people, the greater the disappointment they will gain. Liverpool fans can prove this, waiting for a year, Nabi Keita did not achieve the expected performance after joining Liverpool.

It seems a bit too early to brag about Nabi Keita. In an agreement with Keita in September 2017, Jurgen Klopp had some unusual excitement: “As others have imagined, I have many old friends in the Bundesliga, when I signed Nabi. · When I was in Keita, I received a lot of congratulations. I have never received so much before!”

At the time, this was definitely a victory in the transfer market. In the summer of 2017, both Barcelona and Bayern Munich wanted to sign Nabi Keita in the Bundesliga. Liverpool once offered a price of 70 million pounds to Nabi Keita, but they were all rejected; but there was a £48 million buyout clause in Keita’s contract, but this clause was only until July 1, 2018. It came into effect; eventually the two sides reached an agreement to activate the buyout clause in advance, and then waited for July 1, 2018 to join the team. Liverpool are also ecstatic about how their head coach can sign his Bundesliga “best” player. Liverpool’s enthusiasm for Keita has not diminished in the more than 300 days of signing the contract to his true participation in the team.

However, the fourth most expensive midfielder in the history of the Premier League this season in Liverpool all the time played only fifth in the team’s midfielders. Of course, behind Jorgenho Venaldum and captain Jordan Henderson, it’s justifiable, and James Milner, who has recovered from injury, needs more time to get in with the team. It can also be understood. But it is sad to see Fabiano and even Sheldan Shaqiri playing more than.

Both Fabigno and Keita joined Liverpool in the summer of 2018, and for a while Fabiano was questioned by Red Army fans, and many people thought he was a “parallel.” But now it seems that Fabiano seems to have got a position in the first team, but Keita’s situation is a bit difficult. Keita participated in the first eight games of the league before the injury, but in the next five games, he only played for one minute. Fabigno did not get a chance in the first eight games, but in the next five games, he had three starts. The two of them were only 5 minutes on the court during the UEFA Champions League this season. In the five games they started at the same time, two of them were 1-2 losses to Chelsea in the League Cup and 1-2 losses to the Wolves in the FA Cup. They are all games that Liverpool don’t value.

Although Keita played 8 times in the first nine games of Liverpool this season (a total of 468 minutes), Fabioño only played 1 minute in the away Champions League, and lost to Chelsea in 1-2 Starting in the game. But since October, Fabiano has played 1005 minutes in all competitions, including 806 minutes in the Premier League; Keita played 508 minutes in all competitions, including 364 minutes in the Premier League. Keita’s starting point in Liverpool is almost twice that of Fabiano, but the final playing time has become half of Fabiano.

The situation has completely reversed, and these are all in the eyes of Klopp. He said in an interview this week: “Is he (Keta) really the best player in Leipzig? No.” He and Liverpool did not receive the equivalent return for a year of hope and waiting.

Fabiano became a surprise, and his situation was exactly the opposite of Keita. His chances at Anfield came late, but now his performance is excellent.

Now, as long as there is a need in the face of the opponent, the head coach will summon Fabiano, not Keita. In the 1-2 loss to the Wolves, Fabiano as a firefighter filled the gap in the central defender position, and Keita is still trying to get rid of the shadows. No one can predict that these two midfielders will evolve into this in Liverpool.

But Klopp doesn’t seem to worry too much. When he talked about Keita recently, he said: “He played well at the beginning of the season and everyone saw it.” But Keita’s problem and Klopp used to be in Liverpool. The other difficulties encountered are not the same. He has never taught a player how to get back to the state when he is in trouble.

The era of Keita can still come, people have been waiting for too long. Although Keita said that he watched every game in Liverpool in the last season in Leipzig, he has not been able to integrate into the team in terms of language and tactics. His future is still unknown.

The above is the content of the Liverpool team in Nabi Keita and Fabiano. Welcome everyone to discuss. If there is any fallacy in the text, please don’t hesitate to give advice. I am grateful.

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