Bill Gates announced his favorite 5 books

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared his favorite books of 2016 on the blogs gates . He talked about the tools he was able to teach himself when he was younger. There are no more convenient online tools. Courses and online resources can be used. Reading the parents’ encyclopedia in alphabetical order is the enlightenment he knew about the world at the time.

Bill Gates, who used to read a book for a week from childhood, until now is still his favorite way to learn new things. Bill Gates said: “If you need a book that is suitable for the next holiday, the following books are quite my favorite. They have different themes, from tennis to tennis shoes, genetic science to leadership. The books have brought me unexpected gains!”
1. ” String Theory ” by David Foster Wallace
The book has little to do with physics, and Bill Gates joked, “But if you read this book on an airplane or train, his title will make you look smart!” “String Theory” is the author of Wallace’s five papers on tennis. Tennis is a movement that Bill Gates gave up during Microsoft.

Reading this book doesn’t necessarily require tennis or familiarity with tennis. The author turns his pen into a tennis skill like tennis star Roger Federer. Bill Gates commented that the author Wallace found a way to portray the words in his book as if the metal spoon was curved.

2. ” Running out of the world: Nike founder Phil Knight, the courage and heart of the dream “, ( Shoe Dog ), Phil Knight

This is a memoir to Nike co-founder Phil Knight, who was on the TOP1 list of Amazon’s business biographies. Bill Gates has seen Knight several times in the past few years. He recalls that the Knights are very good, but they are quiet and difficult to understand. The road to success is like the most honest reminder, often chaotic and dangerous. Filled with many fallacies.

In the book, Knight reveals a few things that few CEOs will do. Bill Gates thinks that Knight doesn’t want to teach the reader anything in the book, but instead does another thing, that is, do everything he can to be honest. Tell your own story, this is the best thing!

3. The Gene , by Siddhartha Mukherjee

When doctors treat patients on both sides and pay attention to teaching and research, they are often considered to be in a “three stresses”. The author Mukherjee has done these three things at Columbia University, but he is actually facing “four.” Stress, because he is also the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

In this book, author Mukherjee leads readers through the past and future of genetic science, and how scientific ideas become real in real life. Mukherjee pays special attention to the ethical issues raised by genetic science, because he knows that the next generation of genetic technology will How to influence the world in the most profound way.

4. ” The Myth of the Strong Leader ” by Archie Brown

In this fierce election campaign around the world this year, let Bill Gates reread the book published in 2014. Brown is a scholar from Oxford University and has spent more than 50 years studying the political leadership of all kinds, good, bad, and ugly.

Brown believes that leaders who truly contribute to history and humanity are not what we consider to be “strong leaders.” Instead, these leaders tend to work through cooperation, coordination, and distribution, and learn that no one is there. Can or should know the answer to everything, just as the author Brown can’t predict how his book will become in 2016 today.

5. The Grid , by Gretchen Bakke

Finally, Bill Gates mentioned “The Grid” at the end of the article about talking about the aging grid in the city. This is also Bill Gates’ favorite type. “The book about ordinary things is actually very charming!” Wrote on the blog.

The first job of Bill Gates in high school was to write a software program that controlled the Northwest Power Grid. “Even if you never thought about how electricity would go all the way to your home’s outlet,” Bill Gates said. He believes that this book will let you know the greatness of the power grid in modern engineering. It can also be understood that the modern power grid will be so complicated. It is really important to construct clean energy in the future. Therefore, the book that Bill Gates finally added makes He thinks it is very interesting!

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