Hopman Cup Mixed Team Competition

Australian Open warm-up match Australia Grab people Battle

Although the warm-up opportunity before the Australian Open was only two weeks, it concentrated on five ATP and four WTA Tour events. In addition, the Hopman Cup Mixed Team Competition, the Kuyen Classic and the Adelaide three exhibitions were held at the same time. In addition to the Australian mainland, the men’s exhibition match in Abu Dhabi and the women in Hong Kong were added. Exhibition match.

       The star was originally a “quick material”, but it was still divided by such a number of events, which inevitably caused conflicts between the events. The most obvious of these gaps is between regular tour events and performances – the former set up tour points for the players, while the latter mostly pays the participants in the form of appearance fees. It is understandable that they need to participate; however, their whereabouts, but also largely determine the level of the event, box office, sponsors and media attention, these are the object of the event organizers.

       As a result, a “grabbing civil war” for the star resources is inevitably staged in Australia, against Brisbane, Sydney and Hobart, and Pace, Melbourne and Adelaide on the other. For example, in the first week of the 2009 new season, the Hopman Cup, which does not have Tour Points, was held in Perth. Although Hewitt’s world ranking has declined significantly in the past two years, he is still Australia’s number one balloon star, after all. After returning to the Hopman Cup five years later, he will be the number one box office star of this year’s event, not to mention Safin and Safina’s first “brother and sister combination” to join. However, the Brisbane Station held in conjunction with the Hopman Cup did not show weakness. The new match for the men’s and women’s co-match invited last year’s Australian Open men’s singles finals Djokovic and Tsonga, as well as last year’s French Open champion, Serbian beauty Ivanovic.

Hopman Cup Mixed Team Competition

       In the second week of the season, the Sydney team’s lineup will undoubtedly be greatly influenced by the Kuayan Classic; the women’s lineup of this men’s and women’s event is usually stronger than the men’s, the existence of the Kuyang Classic is One of the main originals – in the case of Federer, he has long been accustomed to using the Kuyang Classic as his last Australian warm-up event. As long as this performance event exists one day, Sydney people will never want to ask Federer to drive. .

       Australian Network Association Director Craig Terry is clearly aware of the damage to the regular tour lineup of the show event. He recently told the Australian media when he talked about this topic: “As long as you can promote tennis, whether it is a tour or a show event. , are good things; but the premise is that the interests of one event cannot be based on the damage to the interests of another event.”

       There is something in the director of Terry, and the organizer of the Kuyen Classic, Colin Stubbs, can’t hear it? He argued that the Australian Network Association once suspected that the existence of the Kuyang Classic would hurt the interests of the Australian Open, but it turned out to be only the original decision. The box office of these two events was successful; now, The authorities also suspect that the Kuyang Classic will weaken Sydney and the Auckland team in the same week, but this is also not true. In the mind of Stubbs, each contestant in the Kuyen Classic is guaranteed to play at least three special competitions, and he will attract the top players year after year. He even said: “Even Without our game, I don’t think these stars will go to Sydney, but will go ahead to Melbourne Park.”

       Both the tour and the show have the power to survive. No one is more aware of this than the Adelaide. Adelaide Station was originally a traditional warm-up event in the Australian Open, but the right to host the event is now taken away by Brisbane. As a result, several former Australian tennis players Roger Rashid, Darren Cahill and Woodford jointly organized a performance event called the World Tennis Challenge, which will be the top three in the Australian Open. Day is held in Adelaide.

       Roger Rashid, who has long assisted Hewitt and now directs Monfils, said that not all players will warm up in the week before the Australian Open, they just want to pass a week of training. The Grand Slam tournament is in a state of adjustment. For this type of player, the performance of the former champion and active players in Adelaide is undoubtedly a good choice.

       Rashid’s remarks are inevitably suspected of “drawing the ticket” for his own performance event. However, his summary language still shows the concept of “World Datong”: “As long as there are more people coming out of the house to watch tennis Whether it’s watching Kuyan, Sydney, Brisbane or our event, the beneficiaries will eventually be tennis, especially Australian tennis.”

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