Arsenal's five major transfer goals

Arsenal’s five major transfer goals in the January transfer window the signings to fill the gap

If Arsenal wants to win the Champions League seat after the end of the season, Emery is in urgent need of signing new players in the January transfer window. The Gunners have been associated with many players in recent weeks. Below are the five players most likely to sign up with this North London club this month.

1. Rees Oaksford (West Ham)

At the age of 16, Rees Oaksford played his Premier League debut on behalf of West Ham United in the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal and helped the team beat Arsenal 2-0, winning the praise. Despite a good start, his career has not yet begun in West Ham, and he is now looking for ways to leave the club.

Despite the injury problem, the Lisbon season did not appear in the hammer team, it is clear that there are some problems behind the scenes that we did not realize. The 20-year-old player was spotted by Monchengladbach in the summer, and the Bundesliga club that rented him last season still wants to sign him permanently.

The Arsenal Club wants to get the most promising young people in the UK, they can sign him only 10 million. This is a worthy omnipotent guard who can help current Arsenal block the loopholes on the defense line.

2. Hector Herrera (Porto)

Arsenal’s long-time player, Aaron Ramsey, will sign a new contract with Juventus before the summer contract with Arsenal expires. Losing a good player like Ramsey is a huge blow to Arsenal, but they can at least make up for this loss by approaching another midfielder who will expire in the summer.
Porto’s Héctor Herrera is one of the many stars who will be free to move next summer. The Mexican international has already contacted many European clubs including Inter Milan, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid,

Rome and Wolves. Together.

The 28-year-old has played in Porto for six seasons and has played 70 times for the national team. The current captain of Porto will bring some of the necessary leadership and experience to Arsenal’s midfield. According to rumors, the gunman will not sign him in January, but will sign a contract in the summer

3. Benatia (Juventus)

The current Arsenal has a lot of loopholes to fill, and now their biggest concern will be their defense. Arsenal’s guards are often injured, and the availability of the central defender does not help them. Rob Holdin has been absent for a long time, and Laurent Koscielny is still recovering after a long period of injury, while Mustafi and Sokatis Papadapo Los has proven to be quite unreliable.
Medina Benatia is not currently an indispensable player in Juventus because they have many options on the court. However, the former Bayern Munich player has a wealth of top league experience and was even named the Serie A best player in the 2013/14 season. The 31-year-old player may become a good player in the next few years. If Juventus is willing to give up, Arsenal will buy him at a reasonable price.

4. Denis Suarez (Barcelona

At the beginning of the winter transfer window, Arsenal was associated with Banega, who played for Emery in Valencia and Seville. However, the Arsenal board is not willing to pay a high fee for a 30-year-old player. As a result, their attention turned to Dennis Suarez, who, under the leadership of Emeri, worked for a year after being loaned to Seville.
Dennis Suarez joined Barcelona from Manchester City in 2013. Since the 2016/17 season, he has been a first-team player in Barcelona. However, he has been working hard to enter a stable rotation and has been a rotation player throughout Barcelona throughout the season. The 25-year-old player rarely plays for the Catalonia club this season, and the club wants him to leave in January. According to reports, the player has reached an agreement with Arsenal, but the two clubs have not yet reached an agreement.
According to several media reports, Arsenal hopes to rent this player in January and sign him permanently in the summer, when Emeri will get more money. However, Barcelona wants to sell him directly, so as to get the corresponding transfer fee. Negotiations now seem to have reached a deadlock, but installment payments may be the most likely solution.

5. Carrasco (Dalian side)

Except for Alex Ivoby, none of Arsenal’s current first team is a natural winger. Therefore, Emery is often forced to use Mkhitaryan and Obama to play such a role in the game. The Gunners must sign a sideline player in January and they may have found a realistic and high quality goal in China.

The Belgian international suddenly moved to the Chinese Super League a year ago, but the 25-year-old player is eager to return to Europe. There are rumors that Carrasco is willing to cut his current salary to join Arsenal.

His future in China is uncertain. In November last year, he had a dispute with his teammate Jin Pengxiang, who needed treatment in the hospital for a nose injury. Carrasco’s ability is obvious, he has proved himself in Monaco and Atletico Madrid. According to reports, this player can sell to Arsenal only 25 million!

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