Top Five most Influential Athletes in the World


Born on August 21, 1986 in Trilloni, Jamaica, Jamaican runners and football players, men’s 100 meters, 200 meters champions in the 2008, 2012, 2016 Olympic Games, men’s 100 meters, 200 meters world record holder. On August 14, 2017, after the 2017 World Athletics Championships, Bolt officially announced his retirement from the 400-meter runway of the London Bowl. On November 25, 2017, Bolt was awarded the Chairman’s Special Award at the 2017 World Class. He almost changed his hand and field from a dying sport to a star sport. Every time he plays, every time he runs, every time he celebrates, he turns the London bowl into his own stage. He is not only the best track and field athlete of this era, but also one of the greatest track and field athletes in human history. Being able to live in this age, witnessing the legend of the Jamaican track and field flying Bolt, is a rare happiness. With a very good performance, Bolt proved once again that he is extraordinary, and this classic moment will be included in the most magnificent hall of the track and field competition.


Born on August 8, 1981, he is known for his comprehensive and stable technology, gorgeous and positive style, and gentleman’s elegant image. Many critics, active and retired players believe that Federer is one of the greatest players in history. Federer has not only succeeded in the field of tennis, but also in charity and business. Federer has the record of the world’s longest consecutive singles in the history of ATP (237 weeks, 2004–2008), won 20 championships in the Grand Slam singles, 10 runners-up, February 28, 2018, Federer in Lawrence The awards ceremony won two awards, becoming the first athlete to win five Lawrence Men, and also won the most prized athletes in Lawrence history with six awards. In April 2018, he won the honor of the World’s Most Influential People in Time 2018. Federer will be the best player of the time, not just in the tennis world, but in the entire sports world. In 2010, the Austrian Post Office also issued a stamp for Federer. This is his second time stamping ( also the first time in the history of Austrian stamps to issue stamps for the still-born greats ), which is unique among tennis players and even all athletes.


Born on April 19, 1987 in Nielgen, Hinterland, Siberia, Russia.Russian professional tennis player. In 2006, Sharapova was selected as the “most beautiful athlete” by the American Sports Illustrated. On August 13, 2014, Forbes magazine published the highest ranking of female athletes in the world in 2013-2014. Sharapova topped the list for ten consecutive years. In 2004, Sharapova swept Serena Williams in the Wimbledon final and won her first Grand Slam title in her career. On August 22, 2005, the first time the WTA ranked first in the world with a score of 4452.00. On September 10, 2006, he defeated Haining in the US Open women’s singles final and won his second Grand Slam. In 2008, Ivanovic was defeated in the Australian Open final and won the third Grand Slam. Amazing beauty and steel-like determination made the Russian super tennis actress Sharapova create an unprecedented new look in the women’s professional tennis world. The beautiful girl once again wrote a beautiful fairy tale. The ever-improving technology and the quality of the champion who never loses confidence, the tall figure, the seductive eyes, the beautiful face, and the cries in the game, such Sharapova won the hearts of more male fans.

Yao Ming

Born on September 12, 1980, in the 2002 NBA Draft, he was selected by the NBA’s Houston Rockets as the No. 1 pick. He was selected to the NBA All-Star team for six consecutive seasons (three times in his career) in 2003-09. The second time in the NBA’s best lineup, and three times in the NBA’s best lineup. On February 10, 2015, Yao Ming officially became one of the ambassadors of Beijing’s bid to host the Winter Olympics. On April 4th, 2016, Yao Ming was officially selected as the 2016 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, becoming the first Chinese to receive this honor. In October, Yao Ming became China’s “Mars Ambassador”. In September 2018, he won the 10th “China Charity Award” charity model award. With superb sports skills, Yao Ming has a place in a strong national sports project, which has made many people’s dreams more proud of the Chinese. His outstanding performance and patriotism at any time to listen to the call of the motherland have made him think more than the sport itself. The emotions of the motherland, the grasp of the present and the expectation of the future will make him a historical figure in Chinese sports and the NBA. According to the NBA evaluation, “Standing at a height of 2 meters, he almost changed the NBA’s popularity in only one country and promoted the vital globalization of the NBA.”

Liu Xiang

Born in Putuo District, Shanghai on July 13, 1983, the Chinese men’s track and field team 110 meters hurdles. In the history of Chinese sports track and field, it is also the first athlete in the history of Asian track and field to gather Olympic champions, indoor and outdoor world championships, IAAF Grand Prix finals, and world record holders. In 2004, Liu Xiang tied the world record set by British player Colin Jackson with a score of 12.91 seconds at the Athens Olympics and won the championship. In 2006, in the Lausanne Athletics Super Grand Prix in Switzerland, it broke the 13-year world record with 12 seconds 88. In June 2012, the world’s 110-meter hurdle ranked first, and Liu Xiang regained the top spot after five years. Liu Xiang is a symbol of Chinese sports and one of the most popular athletes in China. However, the Olympic gold medal brought him fame and wealth and brought him tremendous pressure. For the hurdling movement, Liu Xiang is a genius who has never met a hundred years. It is the athlete who has contributed the most to the breakthrough of the Yellow Species in history. It is not only a participant in sports, but also a messenger of culture.

The worlds Top 5 Best Footballers in the 80s | All famous in the world

The world’s top athletes, they have achieved brilliant results through their own talents and efforts and have won the world’s love with noble personality charm. People will break the limits of the boundaries of the world and the borders, and treat them with great tolerance. The wonderful performance was greatly satisfied. The Olympic Movement has a glorious tradition. The competition on the sports field is fierce and ruthless. But regardless of the winners or losers, the goal they pursue is the unity, progress, peace and friendship of the whole world. Today, the top ten most influential athletes in the world of sports are listed, and each one is famous all over the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal on February 5, 1985, he is a professional football player in Portugal. He is a winger and center player. He plays for Juventus Football Club of Italy and is the captain of the Portuguese national men’s soccer team. This man is already 34 years old. He seems to be running like a 24-year-old boy. Even if he leads the big score, he does not miss any chance. Under his leadership, Juventus finally lost his “big health play.” “, become more calm and have the power of the king. Time is affectionate, and most ruthless, a grand gathering, but it has become the most painful separation. C Ronaldo’s career has maintained a number of personal records, including the total scores of the five major leagues in Europe, the total score of the Real Madrid club, the total score of the individual in the Champions League, and the total score of the European national team. Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Golden Globe Award five times, three times to win the World Footballer, four times to win the European Golden Boot Award, and seven times to win the Champions League top scorer and other personal honors. Ronaldo is one of the most influential athletes in the sports world. Everyone admires his strong desire to win on the court. Without a doubt, he is the best player in the world of football.


Born in Argentina on June 24, 1987, from data, trophies, honors to technology, talent, and ball, it is not a major leader in the planet. But he still lacks a World Cup. If the football world has to use the World Cup as the standard of the king, then he is far from the so-called “great”, which is the distance of a World Cup. Messi not only swayed his talents on the court, but also reflected his noble personality on the court. Messi always brings infinite auras wherever he goes, and can produce a series of sensational effects. Messi is still one of the most influential players in the world, and his unparalleled skills have created many records in football and helped Barcelona win many championships. As a unique and unique star player in the contemporary era, Messi has achieved many exciting and extraordinary achievements in his more than ten years of football career. Many of these achievements have been proven to be unprecedented, and later generations are hard to match. Messi’s outstanding performance on the football field has made him a symbol of this era. And many of the stars’ predecessors are seeing such outstanding descendants, and they are also dumping the skills of Messi.


Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil on March 21, 1980, he has dual nationality of Brazil and Spain. Brazilian professional football players, if the world no longer replicates those classics, where to relive the charm of your art. Let us not forget, that is the memory that has disappeared. All the splendor that has ever existed in life, after all, need to be repaid with loneliness, quietly, you are walking in our youth, just as you quietly leave our sight, Ronaldinho can see the vision, pass and have Deceptive ball breaks and various ways of shooting in the perfect match in the game, his extraordinary skills are superb, bringing endless pleasure to the audience.What’s important is that he plays with a smile in almost any game. The relaxed attitude of life also infects the teammates in the camp. They can always kill opponents in the relaxed atmosphere. When the football arrives at the foot of Ronaldinho, it seems that there is spirituality, and the world can no longer find a second player like him. Whenever he is with football, he is happy. No matter who he is, Ronaldinho will not lose to his opponent in football. When Ronaldinho is one-on-one with you, he has a thousand ways to get rid of you. There are a hundred ways to make you shameful. Even the best defensive players can’t escape the humiliating result of Shangluo.


Born in Akron, Ohio on December 30, 1984, American professional basketball player, small forward, nicknamed “Little Emperor”, played for the NBA Los Angeles Lakers. James is like a dead bird in adversity. The high light moment of the gods is always waiting for the crowd in the adversity, how much pain, how much glory after standing up. The Phoenix bird ushers in the phoenix nirvana in the ashes. Even if it has experienced an endless abyss, for James, standing up is the real choice for men, no matter before, now or in the future. With a high IQ and a sharp breakthrough, James Basketball has excellent vision and passing skills and is considered one of the most versatile players in the history of the NBA. In the history of the NBA, the first player in the regular season won 27,000+ points, 7000+ rebounds and 7000+ assists. The second player in history in the same year included four honors “MVP of the Year, Champion, Finals MVP, Olympic Gold Medal” [2012] [the first is Jordan in 1992].


Born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 30, 1985, American professional swimmer. Phelps is a very talented swimmer. His body is specially built for swimming. His legs are short, his length is long, his hands are long and his feet are big. Because in the water, his body looks like a fish, so it is also known as “flying fish.” Phelps’s figure is the proportion of gold in the water. Because of the imbalance between the upper and lower, he is indeed uncomfortable on land. He himself has said that he prefers the feeling of water. On August 14, 2016, in the men’s 100m medley relay race in Rio Olympic Games, the American team led by Phelps won the championship with absolute strength, and Phelps also won his 23rd Olympic gold medal. In 2012, he won the FINA Special Award “The Greatest Olympic Athlete” and the 2013 Lawrence World Sports Awards Special Achievement Award. Phelps is a great swimming genius and can be synonymous with the most brilliant era.

British Premier is expected to be a whole year of Nabi Keita is not as good as Fabiano

The greater the expectations of people, the greater the disappointment they will gain. Liverpool fans can prove this, waiting for a year, Nabi Keita did not achieve the expected performance after joining Liverpool.

It seems a bit too early to brag about Nabi Keita. In an agreement with Keita in September 2017, Jurgen Klopp had some unusual excitement: “As others have imagined, I have many old friends in the Bundesliga, when I signed Nabi. · When I was in Keita, I received a lot of congratulations. I have never received so much before!”

At the time, this was definitely a victory in the transfer market. In the summer of 2017, both Barcelona and Bayern Munich wanted to sign Nabi Keita in the Bundesliga. Liverpool once offered a price of 70 million pounds to Nabi Keita, but they were all rejected; but there was a £48 million buyout clause in Keita’s contract, but this clause was only until July 1, 2018. It came into effect; eventually the two sides reached an agreement to activate the buyout clause in advance, and then waited for July 1, 2018 to join the team. Liverpool are also ecstatic about how their head coach can sign his Bundesliga “best” player. Liverpool’s enthusiasm for Keita has not diminished in the more than 300 days of signing the contract to his true participation in the team.

However, the fourth most expensive midfielder in the history of the Premier League this season in Liverpool all the time played only fifth in the team’s midfielders. Of course, behind Jorgenho Venaldum and captain Jordan Henderson, it’s justifiable, and James Milner, who has recovered from injury, needs more time to get in with the team. It can also be understood. But it is sad to see Fabiano and even Sheldan Shaqiri playing more than.

Both Fabigno and Keita joined Liverpool in the summer of 2018, and for a while Fabiano was questioned by Red Army fans, and many people thought he was a “parallel.” But now it seems that Fabiano seems to have got a position in the first team, but Keita’s situation is a bit difficult. Keita participated in the first eight games of the league before the injury, but in the next five games, he only played for one minute. Fabigno did not get a chance in the first eight games, but in the next five games, he had three starts. The two of them were only 5 minutes on the court during the UEFA Champions League this season. In the five games they started at the same time, two of them were 1-2 losses to Chelsea in the League Cup and 1-2 losses to the Wolves in the FA Cup. They are all games that Liverpool don’t value.

Although Keita played 8 times in the first nine games of Liverpool this season (a total of 468 minutes), Fabioño only played 1 minute in the away Champions League, and lost to Chelsea in 1-2 Starting in the game. But since October, Fabiano has played 1005 minutes in all competitions, including 806 minutes in the Premier League; Keita played 508 minutes in all competitions, including 364 minutes in the Premier League. Keita’s starting point in Liverpool is almost twice that of Fabiano, but the final playing time has become half of Fabiano.

The situation has completely reversed, and these are all in the eyes of Klopp. He said in an interview this week: “Is he (Keta) really the best player in Leipzig? No.” He and Liverpool did not receive the equivalent return for a year of hope and waiting.

Fabiano became a surprise, and his situation was exactly the opposite of Keita. His chances at Anfield came late, but now his performance is excellent.

Now, as long as there is a need in the face of the opponent, the head coach will summon Fabiano, not Keita. In the 1-2 loss to the Wolves, Fabiano as a firefighter filled the gap in the central defender position, and Keita is still trying to get rid of the shadows. No one can predict that these two midfielders will evolve into this in Liverpool.

But Klopp doesn’t seem to worry too much. When he talked about Keita recently, he said: “He played well at the beginning of the season and everyone saw it.” But Keita’s problem and Klopp used to be in Liverpool. The other difficulties encountered are not the same. He has never taught a player how to get back to the state when he is in trouble.

The era of Keita can still come, people have been waiting for too long. Although Keita said that he watched every game in Liverpool in the last season in Leipzig, he has not been able to integrate into the team in terms of language and tactics. His future is still unknown.

The above is the content of the Liverpool team in Nabi Keita and Fabiano. Welcome everyone to discuss. If there is any fallacy in the text, please don’t hesitate to give advice. I am grateful.

Top 10 Fans of World Football Club’s | Barcelona 2nd | Liverpool 9th

Football is the world’s largest sport, and the foundation of fans is naturally the strongest. In particular, those who have a long history, have top players, and have a good team, are fans. Recently, foreign media gave the top 10 in the world football giants club rankings, Real Madrid ranked first, and Manchester United, which is popular among Chinese fans, ranked third. Let’s take a look at the specific rankings.

10. Paris Saint-Germain

The number of fans in Paris is 6,675,031, ranking 10th in the world of football, and Paris can be among the top 10, undoubtedly due to the crazy signings in the transfer market in recent years, a large number of extremely strong in the year of the fight The players have joined, and reached the climax in the last two years. In the summer of 2017, they signed the Brazilian superstar Neymar in the form of a payment of 220 million euros of liquidated damages. Then the first new star of the football, Mbape, joined the world’s second highest price. Once again, it has attracted the attention of the world’s fans.

9. Liverpool

The Premier League is undoubtedly the league with the most audiences in Europe’s five major leagues. Liverpool naturally has a strong base of fans. The number of fans is 67,713,716, ranking 9th. There has never been a lack of big-name players in Liverpool’s history. Although there are always superstars in the years to leave the team, they can always find a replacement. Today, Liverpool is a star-studded player with strong strength. The striker Trident Salah, Mane, and Fermino won the European football team last season, and after strengthening the defense, Liverpool is now more powerful than ever.

8. Juventus

Juventus fans 69481268, ranked 8th. As a veteran of the world’s football, Juventus has always been loved by fans, but after the introduction of Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, this Juventus attraction has reached a new height.

7. Manchester City

Like Paris, after the arrival of big capital, Manchester City’s strength has rapidly increased, and it has become the top presence of the Premier League. Manchester City’s fans are 72,330,250 people, ranking 7th in the world.

6. Arsenal

Although there have been few champions in recent years, Arsenal still has a large number of fans. After all, the gunners have had a glorious period in history. Today, the longest unbeaten record in the Premier League is still maintained by the gunmen. Fans 76,210,718 are ranked number 6.


The Bundesliga class Bayern has undoubtedly a very strong fan base in the world of football. The number of fans is 792,1988. The number of fans is ranked 5th. Although Bayern does not have the big-handed signings like other giants, it is a pragmatic and effective way of doing things. Long-term competitiveness.

4. Chelsea

Chelsea’s real rise in the Premier League is undoubtedly after Abu entered the main, Abra opened the prelude of the Golden Dollar football, and also let Chelsea quickly rank among the top ranks of the Premier League, the number of fans 90100111 ranked fourth.

3. Manchester United

Recently, there are data showing that Manchester United is the most valuable club in the world football, but the number of fans is not the most, the number of fans is 137,054,693 people ranked third in football, but it is worth noting that Manchester United fans in China are the top 3 The most famous.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona has maintained the most competitive competitiveness in the world football for the past 10 years, and each season is a strong contender for the Champions League. Although Neymar’s departure will have some impact on Barcelona, ​​as long as Messi is still there, Barcelona is still receiving wide attention from fans. The number of fans is 24,0008,793, ranking second in the world.

1. Real Madrid

C Ronaldo’s departure will undoubtedly have an impact on Real Madrid’s attention, but Real Madrid’s influence in the world of football is still extensive and far-reaching. In the past 10 years, C Ronaldo led Real Madrid’s transcript in the Champions League is the most gorgeous. The five-year, four-year crown, the first three consecutive championships after the restructuring, attracted countless fans, the number of fans was 242,984,560, ranked first, but in the top three, Real Madrid has the fewest number of fans in China.

Leicester City VS Southampton Premier League Preview

Leicester City VS Southampton

Leicester City, which has a number of England international players, is currently second only to BIG6 in the standings. Their lineup is balanced and the home game against Southampton in the relegation zone is very promising. Take all three points. The visiting team Southampton ushered in a brief recovery after Hassan Xutel took office, but they only scored one point in the last three rounds and they seem to have embarked on a difficult relegation path.

Chelsea VS Newcastle

Although the Blues are still able to rank in the top four of the standings, but they have only three points left for Arsenal’s lead, the team still has an overwhelming possession advantage in the game, but the center position Lack of difficulty makes them difficult to score. Surrey also tried Azar as a single-arrow formation in the game, and the results were not good in a few games. This game is facing Newcastle, one of the best defensive teams in the lower half. If the striker continues to struggle, the visiting team is expected to take one point.

Everton VS Bournemouth

The two teams in the middle of the game have a terrible record in recent history. Everton won only three games in 10 rounds. Bournemouth has only two victories in the last 10 rounds. The round competition ushered in a direct confrontation. Compared to Bournemouth, which has not been defended in the backcourt, Everton at home seems to be more like winning.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

Manchester United coach Solskjaer took the Cardiff City, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Newcastle four midstream and downstream teams in the Premier League. This round of away away from the challenge, Tottenham will be the first strong enemy that Soul Shuai has faced since taking office. Now Manchester United’s morale is booming, the front and back staff are neat, and the offensive line headed by Bogba is all recovered under the hands of Suo Shuai. . In the first round of the season, Spurs had a 3-0 victory over Manchester United in the away game. The Red Devils in this round ushered in a chance to revenge on the road. In the League Cup game in the middle of the week, Tottenham and Chelsea fought 90 minutes, physical fitness will be worse than Manchester United, Sohuai is expected to continue to lead the team to play the song.

Manchester City vs. Wolves

From the ranking point of view, there is a wide gap between the two teams. In the first leg of the game, the Wolves tied Manchester City at home 1-1, ending their opponent’s winning streak. This round away from the Etihad Stadium, they are still a rival that Manchester City can not ignore. So far this season, the Wolves have played against the Premier League BIG6 team six times and lost only two games. The ability to explode is evident, and the guest scene is against Manchester City, which has recently won a big victory. Their defense will bring a lot of trouble to Guardiola’s team. If the defensive intensity is high enough and the counterattack is sharp enough, it is not impossible for the Wolves to take away one point from the away game.

In the two relegation battles of this round, Fulham and Hazhen could not afford to lose. Once they lose, they will not be able to escape from the relegation zone in a short time, especially in the town of Ha, and if they lose, they will be running double-digit in the losing streak. The top spot Liverpool VS Brighton is compared to Manchester City VS. The Wolves will also be easy. The third Tottenham will not be able to say that Manchester United is not good. For the Red Army, this round may be an opportunity to continue to expand its lead.

Premier League Preview Manchester City home game black horse, London Derby attack

From January 12th to 14th, the 2018-19 Premier League will usher in the 22nd round. The two relegation battles and strong dialogue will be the main theme of this round. Burnley VS Fulham in the relegation zone, Cardiff City VS Huddersfield are all worth 6 points. The London Derby between West Ham and Arsenal will also be extremely intense. Manchester United, who has achieved a five-game winning streak, will challenge Tottenham in the away game. Soo Shuai will usher in the first enemy after taking office. Manchester City will be in the main scene against the Wolves. The specific schedule of this round is as follows.

West Ham United vs. Arsenal

The recent state of both teams has a certain ups and downs. West Ham United has won the game before the Christmas season. Arsenal seems to be able to score points from the relegation team in the near future. Their defenders are still in the middle. Can’t be reassured. The guest scene will have a lot of pressure on West Ham’s offensive line led by Felipe Anderson, and West Ham at home will get at least one point.

Brighton VS Liverpool

In order to compete in the league, Liverpool played in the full complement of the third round of the FA Cup, which led them to be eliminated by the Wolves. This round away to challenge Brighton, after 10 days of rest, Liverpool’s main lineup will go all out. Brighton’s recent record is terrible. In the face of the Red Army, they have a hard time getting points.

Burnley VS Fulham

Ranieri finally made Fulham’s defense improve after taking office for a period of time. The 1-4 loss to Arsenal in the last round of the game caused their morale to be hit. In the 11 away games that have ended this season, Fulham never won, and they are still difficult to win by Bernly. They won West Ham and Harmony for Burns to temporarily escape the relegation zone. They will take temporary safety when they win Fulham.

Cardiff City VS Huddersfield

This is another relegation battle worth 6 points. Huddersfield, who has won eight straight games in the league, has now stabilized the position of the Premier League squad leader. It seems that coaching is their correct. select. Cardiff City wants to rely on the home record to score points, this round facing the bottom of the score of the town, how they will allow 3 points to slip away from their hands.

Crystal Palace VS Waterford

The Crystal Palace has been chilling recently. It has won the Wolves and Chelsea on the road. They have been separated from the relegation zone by 22 points. Watford ushered in a short rebound at the beginning of the Christmas season. But the intensive schedules have caused some problems for their physical fitness. Both teams rely on rushing and running to eat, the Crystal Palace at home will have certain advantages, and the draw is a result acceptable to both sides.

If Abu invests in Arsenal, the Premier League really has to turn over the sky

Before Abu bought Chelsea, he had intentionally bought Arsenal, but Swiss bank personnel analyzed that Arsenal was not for sale at the time, so Abu finally could only retreat to the next and spent 140 million pounds to buy the Blue Army. Changed the pattern of the Premier League. After Abu entered Chelsea, the Blues won a total of four Premier League titles, five FA Cup championships and one Champions League.

The former Arsenal vice president David Dion has recently rumored that the gunmen were open to the acquisition of Abu at the time. Imagine if Abu succeeded in buying Arsenal, then the Gunners’ 14th top league title and the long-awaited Champions League champion may not have to wait that long.

Wenger can’t stay for 22 years

We all know that when Abu needs to change, the Russians will not hesitate to hesitate. Just like he changed his wife, he did not have any soft hands when he changed to Chelsea. In his 16 years in the Blues, Chelsea switched to 15 coaches. As long as there is a slight fluctuation in the score, Abu will take the head coach.

As a first-generation coach, Ranieri helped Chelsea get the second place in the league. This is also the best record of the Blues in the past 49 years, and also reached the Champions League semi-finals, but Abu still mercilessly swept him out. Ancelotti not only won the Premier League title, but also created 103 goals scores, and also did not escape the fate of the ruling.

Although Abu entered the season, Arsenal eventually won the Premier League title. But in the following season, the Gunners lost 12 points less than the first Chelsea, and the Arsenal also stopped in the 16th in the Champions League. Although Wenger won the FA Cup that season, for the strict Abu, this is the case. The results are not enough. If nothing else, Wenger will have a class after the 2004-2005 season.

Mourinho will not go to Chelsea

If Abu does not acquire Chelsea, then Chelsea’s boss will also be Ken Bates, who bought the club for £1 in 1982. Mourinho was a toon in the transfer market in 2003, because he had just helped Bordeaux win the Champions League and the European Union.

At the time, Chelsea’s top executives decided not to spend Mt. 42 million on the annual salary to invite Mourinho, because Chelsea did not have the funds to replace the training base facilities. For the Blues, even if they want to change Ranieri, Gully and Zola are more realistic goals.

Without Abu’s financial support, the Blue Army’s appeal to top European coaches is almost zero. For Chelsea, they will miss the greatest head coach in the history of the team.

Pass Arsenal disappeared

In the 15 years after the unbeaten victory, Arsenal has a new stadium that can accommodate 60,000 people. This is an amazing achievement, but at the same time, the Gunners had to sell the best players in the team to survive the winter. Wenger also missed many stars due to funding problems. And if Abu is in charge of Arsenal, then everything will be different.

In the summer of 2004, the gunmen will not be so tight in the transfer market. In the summer transfer that year, the Arsenal bought Edu for only £1.5 million. And Chelsea spent an amazing £90 million to bring Robben, Cech, Carvalho and Drogba to Stamford Bridge.

In the following days, Arsenal’s situation was the loss of Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, etc., while Chelsea bought Barack, Torres, Azar and so on. If Arsenal retains the undefeated season lineup, plus the world’s most lavish signings, then the “passing Arsenal” will become a reality, Arsenal will become the super team in Europe.

Morgan may become a personal

The famous British host Pires Morgan is a hardcore Arsenal fan, but since the past 15 years, Arsenal’s achievements and the fear of the transfer market have not been satisfactory, the so-called love is deeply responsible. In recent years, Morgan has become a pioneer in sniper gunners.

But if Abu bought Arsenal, he would ask the best coach in the world to spend money on the transfer market. More importantly, Arsenal’s achievements in the past 15 years will be better than now, then Morgan will still be the one who hates revenge and wants to ask Trump to coach Arsenal.


Five-family Fantasy Novels is not enough to see ten times

Dear friends, everyone, some old bookworms love fantasy novels, especially the oriental fantasy novels. Xiaobian is a veteran novel fan. I think these works are pretty good. Don’t miss out on the book’s little friends. Today, Xiaobian gives you five fantastic fantasy novels. The second one is not enough for ten times. Infinite random system.

V of the “rebirth of the shuttle Wan world” Author: Ice snow

Wonderful content: Yang Guo should have a voice, turned over and smiled. “I just want to see the beauty of Peach Blossom Island. Staying here is really boring.” Yang Xuan really smiled and thought, ‘Yang Guo is a Little child. Miss Guo Da secretly gave Dawu, Xiaowu made a gesture to reveal a playful smile. Ha ha! “Yang Xuan really laughed in the dark, ‘This little girl is uneasy!’ However, Yang Xuan really didn’t care. Several children were playing, and in any case, they couldn’t hurt their lives. After the group left Peach Blossom House, Miss Guo Da led the way, she The chin was slightly raised, and the shelf of Missy was placed. She said with a little arrogance, “Yang Guo, Yang Xuanzhen, Peach Blossom Island is beautiful?” “”Not bad! “Yang has arbitrarily attached two sentences, and an unnamed grass on his mouth, it seems cynical. Yang Xuan really looked into a piece of peach blossom forest, sincerely admired, “It is really beautiful here.” Immediately, he asked, “Is the peach blossoms here blooming all four seasons?” “”of course! Miss Guo is very proud. “Peach Blossom Island is like spring. She said that she raised her hand and pointed at a nearby peach blossom and said, “Look at this piece, it is spring blossoming.” Then, she pointed to a distant peach blossom and said, “The one piece is blooming in summer.

This fourth “I WuHun is Pangu” Author: liangyuan month

Wonderful content: Under the eyes and ears of Bai Qi, I naturally know that the first realm of spiritual practice is the spiritual dilemma. However, it is only the name of the spiritual environment, that is to say, only knowing it, not knowing why. Shirakawa smiled and said: “Son, you are now awakening the seven martial arts souls, so it is very easy to change the martial arts. The ordinary heaven and earth spirits can make the martial arts change, and then you can enter the body.” “The so-called Wuhun Incorporating into the body means that your martial arts will change for the first time. The martial arts will descend from your eyebrows to your Dantian gas sea. In that case, the Wuhun can communicate with the Wushen mainland operation rules, and a channel can be established. That is to let your Dantian gas sea, connected with the Wuyuan mainland source sea, and then, your Dantian gas sea, you can absorb the aura of the Wuyuan mainland source sea. Dantian gas sea, is the first opened by the Wuhun Lingbi. Of course, it is also the main spirit.” “Once your Dantian gas sea has become a coffin, it is equivalent to your Dantian gas sea can be connected with the Wuyuan mainland.” So, the first realm The situation, also known as ‘Lingqiaojing’. In this case, Lingqiao builds, and the spirits open up, it has entered the ‘spiritual environment’. Similarly, it has been promoted to the position of the martial arts by the samurai.

This third “armed storm” Author: Skeleton wizard

Wonderful content: dawn, the virtual state is lifted, Wang Dong also woke up, looked at the space crystal, strange this guy did not have a morning noise, probably played yesterday is very cool, this is also good. Wang moved a little, and he was refreshed. It was too difficult to fall asleep in a state of cultivation. However, it seems that Wu Shen was forced to slowly move himself when he learned that his blade was unconscious. In doing so, it is rare that this fake teacher insisted that Wang Wang could not turn him, but he could only try it. It is really unpleasant to not sleep like this now. Human beings are creatures that are good at habits. Once it is difficult to form a habit, it is not difficult. Wang Wang, who was just about to leave, suddenly saw a pair of bloody red eyes in front of his eyes, staring straight at Wang Dong. “Scared me, don’t you know that people are scared to death?” “Kid, let’s talk about how to discuss “It looks like Wushu said with incomparably serious eyes and tone.” “Cough, what is the matter? I am really not used to being so serious.” Wang moved leisurely on the sofa. When the uncle was serious, it was not a matter of fact. “Wang moving classmates, do you know what you are most lacking now?” Looks like Wu Shen asked.

This second “infinite random system” Author: eat three jelly beans

Wonderful content: “Hey, congratulations to the host to take a step forward and reward the experience value.” “Hey, congratulations to the host base boxing method to upgrade one level, the current level of 70, has reached the highest level, the master of the situation.” Sure enough it is a Master. In the half way, the basic boxing level reached the full level, but there was no special attribute like cooking. Li Tian does not care. There is one that can increase the food attributes. People should not be so greedy. “Hey, the step by step startling system is completed, it has been successfully uninstalled, and the number of random systems is liberated once. Currently there are two remaining. Will the host be random?” The prompt that follows, let Li Tian determine that when a system will bind Once the option is raised to the highest level, it will be automatically uninstalled. This is not bad, otherwise it is really uninstalled with points, one hundred points once, it is just forced to force me.

First of the “eternal supreme” Author: Tai Yi Sheng Shui

Wonderful content: But let them disappoint, the momentum has been scattered for a long time, and Li Yunxiao’s figure has not been seen, but the people of these mysterious gangs are full of sweat and some are not. “That kid, don’t you come?” “It’s normal to not come. It’s better to lose face than to lose your life!” Everyone was talking for a moment, and they all cursed Li Yunqi, and they had to be played.

Lan Xuan is also a bit blue, sitting on the martial arts field, listening to everyone’s arguments, simply close your eyes and so on. “Han fat man, do you say that Li Yunqi will come?” Qin Ruxue is also very embarrassed, that is, he hopes that he will come, and hope he will not come.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen anyone in these days, willn’t I run away?” Han Bo suddenly thought of this possibility, and some stunned. Chen Zhen also stayed for a moment, and then the head rattled like a rattle. “It is impossible! If this is the case, then he is not worthy of being a Li family. It is not worthy of us to follow. Men can succumb to death, can not bear to humiliate !”

Well, today I recommend 5 fantasy novels to say it here. If you have seen these few novels, you are welcome to spit.

Arsenal’s five major transfer goals in the January transfer window the signings to fill the gap

If Arsenal wants to win the Champions League seat after the end of the season, Emery is in urgent need of signing new players in the January transfer window. The Gunners have been associated with many players in recent weeks. Below are the five players most likely to sign up with this North London club this month.

1. Rees Oaksford (West Ham)

At the age of 16, Rees Oaksford played his Premier League debut on behalf of West Ham United in the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal and helped the team beat Arsenal 2-0, winning the praise. Despite a good start, his career has not yet begun in West Ham, and he is now looking for ways to leave the club.

Despite the injury problem, the Lisbon season did not appear in the hammer team, it is clear that there are some problems behind the scenes that we did not realize. The 20-year-old player was spotted by Monchengladbach in the summer, and the Bundesliga club that rented him last season still wants to sign him permanently.

The Arsenal Club wants to get the most promising young people in the UK, they can sign him only 10 million. This is a worthy omnipotent guard who can help current Arsenal block the loopholes on the defense line.

2. Hector Herrera (Porto)

Arsenal’s long-time player, Aaron Ramsey, will sign a new contract with Juventus before the summer contract with Arsenal expires. Losing a good player like Ramsey is a huge blow to Arsenal, but they can at least make up for this loss by approaching another midfielder who will expire in the summer.
Porto’s Héctor Herrera is one of the many stars who will be free to move next summer. The Mexican international has already contacted many European clubs including Inter Milan, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid,

Rome and Wolves. Together.

The 28-year-old has played in Porto for six seasons and has played 70 times for the national team. The current captain of Porto will bring some of the necessary leadership and experience to Arsenal’s midfield. According to rumors, the gunman will not sign him in January, but will sign a contract in the summer

3. Benatia (Juventus)

The current Arsenal has a lot of loopholes to fill, and now their biggest concern will be their defense. Arsenal’s guards are often injured, and the availability of the central defender does not help them. Rob Holdin has been absent for a long time, and Laurent Koscielny is still recovering after a long period of injury, while Mustafi and Sokatis Papadapo Los has proven to be quite unreliable.
Medina Benatia is not currently an indispensable player in Juventus because they have many options on the court. However, the former Bayern Munich player has a wealth of top league experience and was even named the Serie A best player in the 2013/14 season. The 31-year-old player may become a good player in the next few years. If Juventus is willing to give up, Arsenal will buy him at a reasonable price.

4. Denis Suarez (Barcelona

At the beginning of the winter transfer window, Arsenal was associated with Banega, who played for Emery in Valencia and Seville. However, the Arsenal board is not willing to pay a high fee for a 30-year-old player. As a result, their attention turned to Dennis Suarez, who, under the leadership of Emeri, worked for a year after being loaned to Seville.
Dennis Suarez joined Barcelona from Manchester City in 2013. Since the 2016/17 season, he has been a first-team player in Barcelona. However, he has been working hard to enter a stable rotation and has been a rotation player throughout Barcelona throughout the season. The 25-year-old player rarely plays for the Catalonia club this season, and the club wants him to leave in January. According to reports, the player has reached an agreement with Arsenal, but the two clubs have not yet reached an agreement.
According to several media reports, Arsenal hopes to rent this player in January and sign him permanently in the summer, when Emeri will get more money. However, Barcelona wants to sell him directly, so as to get the corresponding transfer fee. Negotiations now seem to have reached a deadlock, but installment payments may be the most likely solution.

5. Carrasco (Dalian side)

Except for Alex Ivoby, none of Arsenal’s current first team is a natural winger. Therefore, Emery is often forced to use Mkhitaryan and Obama to play such a role in the game. The Gunners must sign a sideline player in January and they may have found a realistic and high quality goal in China.

The Belgian international suddenly moved to the Chinese Super League a year ago, but the 25-year-old player is eager to return to Europe. There are rumors that Carrasco is willing to cut his current salary to join Arsenal.

His future in China is uncertain. In November last year, he had a dispute with his teammate Jin Pengxiang, who needed treatment in the hospital for a nose injury. Carrasco’s ability is obvious, he has proved himself in Monaco and Atletico Madrid. According to reports, this player can sell to Arsenal only 25 million!

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang From the crazy child to the frontier of Arsenal

The Arsenal striker quickly succeeded in his third major European league, and his thriving collaboration with Alexandre Lacazette is obvious to everyone.

In Arsenal’s hierarchy, there is a well-planned campaign for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, led by a number of German media, but it does not prevent it from registering with them. It became part of their discussion when they were preparing to charge the Borussia Dortmund striker for club records. Is he really a bad boy?
The evidence was made in sensational details, the title of which was Aubameyang’s three internal pauses in Dortmund due to disciplinary violations. The first time was in November 2016, when he stole to Milan without the permission of the club – he will be omitted from the game in the Champions League – and the next game is after 12 months. This time, this is his time.

 Arsenal vs. Liverpool: Preview of the game

Aubameyang apologized for the first time, but for the second time, he said he was confused about the sanctions.

In January of this year, when Arsenal’s pursuit was fully launched, it continued to move forward. Obamyan once wanted to leave Dortmund in the summer of 2017 only to stay still, on the one hand because the club has received 97 meters rise to 135 meters from Barcelona to his best friend Osman Dembele.

The tension creaked. Aubameyang’s attitude was placed under the microscope. At that time, the manager Peter Storg claimed that Obamyan “refused to participate in the competition during the last training session before the competition to emphasize his wish to transfer. Aubameyang and his family were irritated.
He is not difficult to manage – not a second. He is a smart boy and a very good person.

Jürgen Klopp

In mid-January, Aubameyang missed a team meeting and he was suspended by the club to compete in the Bundesliga against Wolfsburg, the first game after the winter break. His head was disrupted. Dortmund will let him leave the next game in Hertha Berlin because they feel that they lack focus. The temperature has reached the boiling point.

Arsenal is unmoved. They had an insider in their camp, recruiting the head, Sven Mislintat, who joined them in Dortmund in December 2017. He brought Aubameyang from St-tienne to Dortmund in 2013 and gave him strong support, especially in his professionalism.

It is worth remembering the words of Dortmund CEO Hans-Joashim Watts on January 14. “In all of these reviews, as far as I am concerned, this is a waste of extravagance, and we can’t forget one thing – Pierre-Eric Obamyan is a professional,” he said. “I don’t like the way he was introduced by the German tabloid media. By the way, when he is no longer playing here, he will miss him.”

 Pay tribute to Arsenal’s manager – not just Emery, but also Montemurro Eni Aluco

After his £56 million transfer to Arsenal, Obamyan described himself as a “madman.” In the last few months of Dortmund’s career, he could have done better – maybe he was upset about the prospect of missing this move again. However, he still has a long way to go from computing or malicious.

Jürgen Klopp took his Liverpool team to the Emirates Stadium for Saturday’s game. During the first two seasons of the Otto May Ocean Club, Dortmund was in charge of him, helping him develop from a winger to a complete forward.

Arsenal is very excited about Aubameyang, which is not surprising given his data. In the 20 Premier League starts, plus three appearances as a substitute, the 29-year-old has scored 17 goals. (He has been two more times in the Europa League this season.)

Since he made his debut in the game against Everton on February 3, only Liverpool’s Muhammad Salah (18) scored higher in the Premier League. Aubameyang’s goal came from 50 shots with an efficiency of 34% and no other players approached. During this time, Brighton’s Glenn Murray scored a 28.9% best result.
Aubameyang entered Liverpool’s game and scored his past six goals, but the real killer statistic is his 103:1 goal per minute. This is the best in the history of the Premier League.

Aubameyang participated in the competition with St-tienne in France. He scored the second scorer in the French League with a score of 19 in the 2012-13 season. He scored 16 points last season. He did this in Germany with Dortmund. He became the best scorer in the Bundesliga in the 2016-17 season. In all competitions, he scored 98 goals in 144 appearances and scored 141 goals in 213 times. Now he is doing this in the UK.